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Amp designers have since combated this tonal malady by creating a way to insert effects after the amp's overdriven preamp, but before the higher-headroom power section. This invention allowed players to run their amps as hot as they like, while still retaining their time-based effects' full dynamics and sonic glory. This insert is known as the amp's effects loop An effects loop is an input/output that allows you to place effects between the pre-amp section of the guitar - where it gets its tone and the power section of the amplifier - where it amplifies the sound. This means that your pre-amp can go anywhere in the signal chain rather than having to be the last stop Amps ohne Einschleifweg (FX-Loop): Gitarre -> Wah-Wah -> Overdrive/Verzerrer -> Chorus/Flanger -> Digital Delay -> Amp Ein Reverb vorzuschalten hat in der Regel nur dann einen Sinn, wenn der Amp wirklich clean eingestellt bleibt, die Verzerrung sollte dann nur vom Pedal kommen. Die meisten Amps ohne Loop haben ja sowieso einen Federhall Serieller Effektloop: u. a. hat das schaltungstechnisch den positiven Nebeneffekt, den Amp nur als Röhrenendstufe zu fahren, wenn man einen anderen Vorverstärker in den FX-Return anschließt (man umgeht die normale Vorstufe). Das ist zwar nicht der Sinn eines Effektloops, aber eine Möglichkeit diese Einrichtung Zweckzuentfremden. Ich nutze das z. B. für meinen VOX ToneLab ST, den ich dann als Vorstufe nehme If your amp has an effect loop, you might be among the many guitarists who aren't exactly sure what it's for. (Image credit: Chris Scapelliti) You might wonder why you can't just run your effects in front of the amp—and you might not understand the full potential of this simple but handy device

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A guitar tube amp effects loop is an input and output section between the preamp stage and power amp section in your amplifier. It normally appears on your amp as the send and return. What this means is that you can use the preamp - which is where your amp gets its tone and voice from - in your actual signal chain with your pedals We officially support this loop when installed in Marshall 1959, 1987, 2203 and 2204 models, and authentic replicas of these amps. The installation instructions are specific to this style of amp, with the long tailed phase inverter circuit

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  1. Was sind die Vorzüge einer FX-Loop (Effektschleife)? Als Effektschleife beschreibt man einen Ausgang (preamp out, send) und einen Eingang (main in, return), durch den Effekte, die nicht durch Vorstufenverzerrung verbogen werden sollen, eingeschleift (bitte nicht geschliffen sagen!) werden. Modulationseffekte wie Chorus und Flanger gehören hierher, ebenfalls Zeiteffekte wie Delay/Echo und Reverb/Hall. Wichtig ist, dass die Effekte durch das verstärkte Signal nicht übersteuert werden.
  2. No need to be afraid of it, the FX Loop is your friend when you want to insert certain effects to your sound, like modulations, delay, and reverb pedals. What does the effects loop do? The effects loop lets you insert some pedals or processors after the preamp but before the power amp. This information may cause 2 new questions
  3. The 'best' place for these stompboxes is in the amp's FX loop. They often produce interesting results when sandwiched between the guitar and amp, but tone-wise, the FX loop is more likely to hit the sweet spot - or, for flangers and phasers, the sweep spot. Octave, pitch shifter, harmonize
  4. If you have never used an FX Loop before, you may have a few questions about what it is, how it works, and what pedals you should connect to it. This video w... This video w..
  5. This effects loop design mixes your amps dry or original signal, with the wet or modified by effects signal. When your effects return to the amplifier, there is normally a control that allows you to mix the wet and dry signals together. This control allows you to have more of one and less of the other
  6. My Timefactor's looper sounds like shit in my FX loop. There is a volume drop on the looper that isn't there on any of the other delays. Plus, it gets really compressed and my guitar signal will completely crus the loop or be so muddy blending with its unusable. But it's the same thing when ised in front of the amp as well.Love the Timefactor and all of it's delays but I hate the looper on it.

Call Amp-fx! +49 30 53 04 42 96. English & German. MO - FR // 10am - 6pm. Amp-fx Philosophie. Amp-fx philosophy. Pay fast with Paypal. Or via IBAN and BIC. everything Generally, if your amp has an effects loop it is going to be wired as a series effects loop. In short, the signal path is split between the preamp and the power amp and patches the effects signal chain (fx loop) into that path. This means the entire signal from the preamp travels through the processor and re-enters the power stage

To get good amounts of distortion and a good-sounding FX loop in an amplifier circuit, you need: 1) a preamp circuit that can provide plenty of distortion, running into 2) the FX loop circuit, running into 3) a clean power amp. There are plenty of commercial examples: Soldano SLO, Diezel VH4, most modern Marshalls and many Mesa Boogies. Research your amp FX loop info before buying ! My Laney VC 30 only takes rack level effects no pedals sound good ! I do not have expensive rack equipment so I run a stereo pedal on my other amp and feed the Laney VC30 the stereo output into the front of the amp and it sounds good that way ! I run 2 tube amps now ! Reply. Joe says: May 1, 2020 at 1:46 am . Lovely feature on my crush35rt.I found. Amp-fx True Bypass Looper wurden entwickelt, um den einzigartigen Sound nicht durch schlechte Effektgeräte zu ruinieren. Signalverschlechterung und tone sucking wird verhindert. True Bypass Looper sind die neue Schaltzentrale um Effekte, Instrumente, Tuner und Amps professionell zu verwalten The FX loop is optimized for insertion between preamp and driver stages, the low noise, non-clipping, analog effects loop utilizes a 6N17B sub-miniature dual-triode vacuum tube. It is designed with a cathode-follower send stage and a return gain stage both of which can be adjusted. There are two versions: Standard (SFx) and TriLator (TFx). The TriLator adds frequency specific feedback on the.

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You can even put your distortion pedal in the effects loop to have total control over this effect: just bear in mind that your distortion pedal now acts as a master volume for your amp when engaged, so don't crank it when you're practicing. Let's Hear It Through An Effects Loop. This video does a great job at demoing how it would sound. Again, this is about distortion but I cannot see why overdrive would not apply here as well. It actually sounds okay and prompted me to do. Typically, you will want to put modulation and time-based effects in the effects loop of your amp. Definitely reverb and delay pedals, and sometimes modulation effects like chorus or flanger pedals. These are the types of pedals that will benefit most from being placed in the FX loop Rhys from Cranbourne Music shows us how to use an FX loop on an amp.Visit our Online Store at http://cranbournemusic.com.auLike us on Facebook at http://face.. Welche Effekte sind besser im FX Loop - welche besser zwischen Bass und Amp? Nachdem ich mich seit ungefähr einem Jahr mit Effekten beschäftigt habe, um rauszufinden was ich gebrauchen kann, weiss ich nun nicht, wie diese am sinnvollsten, optimalsten angeschlossen werden. Probiert habe ich alle Effekte immer nur zwischen Bass und Amp

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The amp's effects loop is an opportunity to insert effects after the preamp stage. This is quite useful if you use the distortion channel, but not so much if you run the amp clean (with pedals for distortion). Now, the RC-2 should go after anything you want to be able to record, and before stuff you want to pöay the recorded material through. If you want to be able to record a clean part and. I find the amp to be more controllable and have better clarity with 12at7's for the effects loop and phase inverter positions, and also a lower gain V1, like the new production Mullard 12ax7/ecc83. #2 andy474x, Nov 6, 2020. bodia and Ajaz like this. Ajaz New Member. Joined: Sep 25, 2020 Messages: 10 Likes Received: 0. andy474x said: ↑ The master volume is before the effects loop in the. Amp Parts > Mojotone FX Loop > Products. Mojotone: Amp Parts: Kits: Cabinets: Speakers: Guitar & Bass Parts: Mojotone Pickups: Accessories: Sale: Mojotone Artists: Support: Clearance: New Products: Blackout Amps: Mojotone Amp Kits: Pedals & Parts: My Cart. Click here to see your shopping cart. Sort Name. Sort Price. Mojotone FX Loop . Mojotone Discrete Hi-Voltage Series Effects Loop for Vacuum. FX Loops in general. Let's start by pointing out that not all FX loops are created equally. FX loops were initially created for connecting FX pedals to your signal chain. Be aware that not all FX pedals are suited to connect to the FX loop on your amp. Typically, Choruses, Flanger and Delay have been the appropriate candidates, overdrive and. serieller Effektweg/serial FX-Loop. Das Signal der Vorstufe wird aus der Send-Buchse über das Effektgerät an die Return-Buchse zurückgeführt. Dabei wird das gesamte Gitarrensignal durch das Effektgerät geschickt und dabei verändert. Umgangssprachlich spricht man hierbei vom Einschleifen. paralleler Effektweg/parallel FX-Loop. Bei dieser Art von Effektweg wird das Originalsignal mit.

Description. BFX, our all-tube effects loop, can be incorporated into any tube amp, providing a tube solution to active effects loop requirements. tube-buffered input and 'send' tube mixing stage using virtual-earth mixer 'send' and 'return' level controls 'send' and 'return' jack The FX loop is optimized for insertion between preamp and driver stages, the low noise, non-clipping, analog effects loop utilizes a 6N17B sub-miniature dual-triode vacuum tube. It is designed with a cathode-follower send stage and a return gain stage both of which can be adjusted. There are two versions: Standard (SFx) and TriLator (TFx) You can use a different amp's power amp to check your preamp, or the other amp's preamp to feed the power amp. The FX loop in terms of a signal flow An FX loop allows you to place signal processors in-between the preamp's output and the power amp's input. If your preamp gain is set high for distortion the signal going into the loop will be distorted, too, which makes the effects react stronger in turn

Amp Tools & Supplies; Mojotone FX Loop; Kits. Blackface Amp Kits; British Amp Kits; Brownface Amp Kits; Mojotone Amp Kits; Tweed Amp Kits; Capacitor Kits; Guitar Wiring Kits; Pedal Kits; Pickup Kits; Switching Kits; Vacuum Tube Kits; Cabinets. Amp Covers; Back Panels; Baffle Converters; Baffles; Frames; Cabinets; Cabinets Loaded with Speakers; Cabinet Recovers; Casters; Corners; Feet; Grillclot The Tube-Town FX-Loop is an active effect loop designed as retrofit kit for tube amplifiers for guitar or bass guitar. The module works with the typically high supply voltage in a tube amplifier (DANGER TO LIFE) and is powered by the power supply of the amplifier. By using two LND150, the power consumption is very low Time based stereo effects in the loop of Amp 1. Out of the stereo output of the time based effects into Amp 2 (5w 5F2A). I was slightly surprised that I was getting drive FX into Amp 2. I thought it would remain clean from the FX Loop. Why was I wrong here? The fact that it doesn't presumably means that if I was just playing Amp 1 and engaged any pedal in the loop, I would be adding more gain. How to Use Your Amp's Effects Loop - inSync (sweetwater.com) - Jan 14 2018. In the decades before guitar amplifier effects loops, guitarists plugged their favorite tape delays and spring reverb effects directly into the front of their amps. There are two main types of effects loops: series and parallel. The second style of effects loop is known as a parallel loop. You'll find countless.

Does your amp have a buffered fx loop? I've read somewhere that some people had tone suck issues with non-buffered loop. Try removing only the pedals plugged in the fx loop and if you still lose tone, try putting a buffer in it. I don´t know if my amp (a Laney TT50C) has a buffered FX Loop Hi , an meinem Amp sind 2 Aus- und Eingänge für Effekte: einmal FX Loop Parallel und FX Loop Series.Wenn ich nun aber mein Multieffektgerät an FX Loop Parallel anschliesse , klingt es komisch , da man einmal das normale Signal hört und einmal das durchs Effektgerät erzeugte.Das gleiche Bei FX Loop series.Eignentlich habe ich das Handbuch so verstanden , das ich ein Effektgerät an den FX. The amp's effects loop is an opportunity to insert effects after the preamp stage. This is quite useful if you use the distortion channel, but not so much if you run the amp clean (with pedals for distortion). Now, the RC-2 should go after anything you want to be able to record, and before stuff you want to pöay the recorded material through. If you want to be able to record a clean part and then play a distorted part on top, it needs to sit after distortion. And if you use the. The cable that goes into the return of the fx loop needs to be elevated or out of the way somehow, because it causes interference, which also creates that hum. You'll have to get creative on how to elevate it. Well, that's really it. I'm not an amp tech by any stretch if the imagination, so I have no idea if putting a lower gain tube in v6 will cause any harm to the amp (i doubt it though, and.

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I use a Digitech RP250 multi effects pedal and just got a new amp that has an effects loop. (My old amp didn't have an effects loop so the pedal ran straight to the amp input line one, is the direct line, it goes straight from your preamp to your poweramp, maybe hits a buffer in there but anyways, its essentially a direct connection. the other line, is the fx path. this is the line where it says fx loop out, you hook in all your fx (and possibly a noise gate) and then to the fx loop return, where it then goes to the power amp in either a serial or parallel fx loop, the direct line is connected when the fx loop is disengaged. when you engage the loop.

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If your amp's effect's loop isn't buffered and you use your loop, a buffer placed between the Effect Send of the amplifier and the Input of the effect may be of benefit, because the buffer will more than likely have a higher input impedance than any effect being used and it will maximize the signal transfer while minimizing any loading placed on the amplifier's send circuitry Put the FX Loop block in front of the amp block and hard pan the signal going into the FX Loop block from that row hard left. In the amp block, set input select to left only. Put a feedback send block before your cab block. Put a feedback return block in another row before the FX loop block and set its balance to hard right. Connect the feedback return block output to the FX Loop block input.

The loop is typically after the preamp and before the power amp, and will cause power amp clipping (dirty repeats). The only difference being that the cab filters the effect placed in front of the cab. Click to expand... No that's not true. Having the effects after the amp vs the fx loop are much closer than you think In the 70s, these Inserts became a feature on guitar amps as well and got the name: Effects Loop or FX Loop. The output was called Send and the input Return and they are always placed between the preamp and the power amp section. This is the so called serial effects loop

Sounds like your assumption is correct, as putting the looper between guitar and (pre)amp will only let you record the dry guitar sounds. Routing it send/return will work, as it'll pick up the sound dialled in on the amp. That means you can overdub with a different effect, and that too will stay in the loop, so to speak BluGuitars digitaler Lötkolben für analoges Amp-Tuning: • Flexible I/O: two speaker outputs, line output, headphone jack, effects loop, MIDI In/Out, two expression-pedal inputs • AMP X Wings™ option to integrate additional pedals or controllers • Universal power (100-240 volts) • 9 volts phantom power option • Weight: approx. 5 lbs. • Measurements: 426mm (length) x.

VerodaClient. March 26, 2018 - 04:11 pm. Hello, I'm sure this is a very basic quesiton but I recently tried the following setup: input 1 -> fx loop send of amp 1. input 2 -> fx loop send of amp 2. output 1 -> fx loop return of amp 1. output 2 -> fx loop return of amp 2 The effects loop in your amp is a form of passive parallel loop. The mix control is actually blending in the wet (effected) signal into the main (dry) signal path. The problem is that the dry signal is always present at the mix point, and since there is no isolation between the dry and wet signal at that point, the dry signal can wind up appearing back at the output of the effects. What.

Tone Junkie built that amp without the FX loop but in the blurb that came with that post from metro amps, the guy that came up with the concept said that the FX loop could be used to add more gain to the amp circuit. I've drawn the schem with my own mods and i am in the process of the build. Thanks . PLEXI GAIN - 20.sch (36.35 kB - downloaded 680 times.) Logged tubenit. Global Moderator; Level. Wah --> Compressor --> NS2 Input --> NS2 Send --> OD --> Distortion --> Boost --> Amp Input --> FX Send --> NS2 Return --> Chorus --> Flanger --> Delay --> Delay --> Reverb/Tremolo --> FX Return This puts all of my dirt plus the pre-amp in the NS2's loop and results in pretty near dead quiet even with P-90's and high(ish) gain. None of my modulation, delay or reverb are effected by the gate so.

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Okay, back to the amp guy for more mods and effects loop, version II. The first mod is a send level control so we can adjust the amount of attenuation of the tube preamp stage to match the expected level of the effects input stage. The second mod is a return level control and an additional tube to add back the gain we lost sending the signal out. The biggest problem with effects loops is. An effects loop is an audio input and output loop that is placed after the preamp and before the power amp section of your amplifier, using the Effects Send and Effects Return jacks. On some amplifiers, these can be labels Preamp Out (Effects Send) and Power Amp In (Effects Return)

Here is a simple, series, buffered effects loop. This is the loop that is currently installed in my J50 amplifier. The loop features both send and return level controls. Depending on where you place this loop in your amp, however, the return level control might not be necessary. I think I prefer a 12AU7 in this position, but you can use a 12AT7. Part of the problem is that the Mustang (stereo) FX loop is at the end of it's signal chain; as far as I know this is unusual as on a traditional amp with an FX loop, the loop will between the pre amp and power amp stage. So the problem I want to work around is the limited number of blocks you can use in the PG (4, because for some reason EQ is a fixed block, and the looper is not global) and I want to solve this by adding some of the effects that the Mustang has built in

Effects loop. It goes in between the pre amp and power amp stages in your guitar amplifier and when you patch in effects there, they work great. DISCLAIMER!! IF YOU BREAK YOUR AMP, WHICH THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE OF, DON'T BLAME ME! YOU HEARD IT FROM ME FIRST, IT'S BEST TO TRY THIS OUT ON A CHEAP AMP THAT YOU DON'T PARTICULARLY CARE ABOUT IN THE EVENT THAT YOU DO BREAK IT! ALSO, BE ABSOLUTELY. When to Use Your Amp's Effects Loop. by Mitch Gallagher. In my opinion, we live in the Golden Age of Guitar Gear. Yes, I know that there are certain lust-worthy vintage guitars, amps, and pedals, but the vast array of great gear available today — much of it amazingly affordable in relative terms — is unrivaled. But all that gear brings a lot of questions. Let's focus in on just one of.

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The effects loop sits between your preamp and your power amp. As a result, it allows you to place effects after the amplifier has imparted its tonality (including internal amplifier overdrive). But, they will still be in the circuit before the signal reaches the power amp and speaker Connect your FX input to the FX Loop Send jack using a good quality, screened (shielded) instrument cable. Use another instrument cable to connect the FX output to the amplifier's FX Loop Return jack. What does the loop level switch do? You'll find the Loop Level switch on the rear panel, normally next to the FX Loop jacks. The switch provides +4 decibel (dB) or -10dB compensation for the various FX that can be run through the loop. As with all FX, feel free to experiment to decide which. I understand what the effects loop is for, I just have no idea whether I should care about it as an intermediate bassist, or whether it's a feature I can safely ignore until much further down the road (and stick with a cheaper amp for now). A good answer might discuss the importance of modulation and timing effects for bass, and how much they really need to go in the loop

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There's even some clever circuitry under the hood to give the amp a wider spread of sound than most regular twin speaker combos. At the heart of the Rocker 32, though, is its stereo effects loop which opens up a world of limitless possibilities for your pedalboard. If you're into epic panning delays and massive soundscapes, connect the Rocker 32 for full stereo operation, unlocking enormously spatial tones that wash over the audience. If you're more old-school, you can patch your. FEATURES ACS 4x4 FX. Amp and Cab Switching - instantly switch between 4 amps and 4 cabs. No need to put your tube amps into standby or stop playing! FX-Loop Switching - route all amps fx-loops through the ACS and share pedals like Delay, Reverb or Gates with all amps.The master fx-loop can be true-bypassed and the on/off state gets recalled automatically in sync with the amps, even remotely. The way series effects loop work is by sending the amp the signal through the effects loop and through the volume pedal which you are using. On the other hand, parallel effect is it splits your amps signal into two identical signals. One is unaffected to the speaker, and another one is affected through your effect loop. It depends on whatever effects loop you are using. There is a blend knob. Try setting and FX Loop effect in Stomp A and use the direct input on the KPA to feed the FX effect. the final option would be much more convoluted and would involve plugging into the Kemper then using the FX Loop feature to send a clean guitar signal to the Amp input. From their sen the Amp FX send to the return of the KPA effects loop. Now.

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  1. PRE-EFFECTS AMP MODEL FX LOOP POST-EFFECTS CABINET MODEL. 9 PRE-EffE cTS The PRE-EFFECTS section allows you to apply any standard MONO effects processing that would occur BEFORE the guitar amp, such as pedals or other effects that would be inserted before going into the input of your amp . the pRe-effects include: • The gATE effect provides a programmable NOISE GATE. The NOISE GATE has.
  2. If you want to use the Fractal for Efx only and in the Amp's loop: Guitar -> amp front input 1/4 amp efx send -> Fractal Input 2 L 1/4 Fractal Out 1 L -> amp efx retur
  3. Effects loops typically have low output impedance (from the send jack), but whether their return jack has low or high input impedance will depend on the specific amp--there is no standard. With pedals, too, there is no standard. It's usually not important to know the in/out impedance of your pedals, but if you run into a situation where a pedal sounds bad in one connection and not another.

What is the FX loop in my amp? How can I use it? Should I

  1. Guitar > wah, distortion, etc..., > 65w amp input > fx send > fx loop pedals > 10w amp input. I was thinking about making my 10w esp amp into a talk box and was trying to think how id put it in my rig. I thought id put an a/b box after the delay in my fx loop. From the a/b box it would go to either the input of the esp or the fx loop return of the egnater. So when switched to the esp, the.
  2. With your boss unit set to bypass, switch on your effects loop through your mesa footswitch. Basically your effects controls should be in the 10-2:00 range. Now you need to A-B your sound between effects in & out. Choose the setting that gives you the most consistant tones between switching when your boss is in bypass. once youve done that, You have about as true a sound as youre going to get
  3. The Waza Tube Amp Expander also supports FS-series footswitches, plus extensive MIDI control for more advanced setups. Effects to the Max With its built-in effects engine and external effects loop, the Waza Tube Amp Expander brings a wealth of sonic enhancements to your tube amp, particularly if it's a vintage model with no effects loop
  4. I wanted to thank you guys for turning me on to using a volume pedal in the effects loop. I have always thought my Mark IV could sound better, especially the clean R1 channel. What a difference turning the volumes up made. One question: This will not hurt the amp in anyway, correct? Thanks again. Boogiewan Kenobi. 225. At One With Mesa. Boogiewan Kenobi. 225. Post Aug 11, 2003 #2 2003-08-11T16.
  5. Next to the effects loop are pre amp in and out. A lot of people are using a volume pedal there to lower the volume levels while turning up the master and regular volume to desired setting. ghobii said: Never heard of anyone using a volume pedal as an attenuator. Attenuators are used to soak up the power going to the speaker, and they are designed with the proper impedance that the amp is.
  6. I won't be using the H9 through an FX loop on an amp, I'll be using it with a Suhr Reactive load which has a output level control. I don't like using the fx loop from any amp and I've never have because I like to run my amps very hot and my Plexis don't even have a Fx loops which I always run on 10.I use the term Fx loop just as a general.
  7. I really want to use my H9 in the effects loop of my amp, but when I do, the inputs clip, and I get a very nasty distortion. There is no clipping when running in front of the amp. The amp is a Matchless HC30 which has a passive, serial loop. My TimeFactor has no problem running through the fx loop, but you can select guitar level or line level on the rear of the unit fo

Effects pedal order, the FX loop explained, and the four

  1. The Gtown Custom Amps D'Leator External Active FX Loop is a tribute to the amazing Dumbleator tube driven (12AX7) effects loop buffer used for Dumble (and many other) amps. Since the Dumbleator is more rare than a Dumble amp, Gtown Custom Amps has filled the void. If you use any time based guitar effects (chorus, delay, reverb, phase, flanger) they should never be plugged into a guitar amps.
  2. THR10 Effect Loop Modification: The THR10 YAMAHA is a great little amp (for me, so far, The Greatest) but doesn't have the Send/Return (Loop FX) connection. This connection basically takes the output of the pre-amp, send it to an external Effect Chain (for example a Loop Station)
  3. Parallel effects loops have just recently begun to surface. A parallel loop offers two paths from the preamp to the power amp. One path is a direct connection from the preamp to the power amp as if the amp had no loop at all. The other path sends the preamp signal to the effect processor (via the loop) and then routes it back to the power amp.
  4. FX loop (amp) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. fretzel · Registered. Joined Aug 8, 2014 · 1,862 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · 9 mo ago.

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  1. FX loop question... I run a Helix in 4CM and have some patches that send a signal from the Helix directly to the loop return - I use this when I want a super clean pallet. What I've noticed with the Origin 20H, as compared to my other amps, is that the volume from the amp is much lower on these patches. And, it's quite difficult to get it much.
  2. Can i connect my audio interface to the fx loop of my amp in such a way: Guitar>amp>fx send>interface input>VST program>interface output>fx return>cab I want to use some VST effects while still having my amp's preamp and everything. Jan 26, 2019 #2. Wasnex. Dec 25, 2011. Kruchy said: ↑ Can i connect my audio interface to the fx loop of my amp in such a way: Guitar>amp>fx send>interface.
  3. I checked the Manual of the Create. The FX-Loop is equipped with a stereo input/output Jack. And I have not seen a Master Volume knob, which would give you control over the volume of the power amp, just channel Volume and Gain Controls. So it is pretty clear why the amp is so loud if you bypass the preamp section
  4. A) Route pedals to your FX Loop and in front of your amplifer OR B) Re-route the pedals in the FX Loop, in series, with all of the pedals running in front of the amp

Not every amp has an effects loop and not every player requires the sonic benefits that an fx loop provides. The Edge from U2 has been running delay pedals into the front of a Vox AC30 amp for much of his career with great results. It's important to note that there are some guidelines for guitar tones- but never any hard and fast rules. I particularly like the sound of some modulation. The effects loops on guitar amps were created to let you insert certain types of effects into your signal chain after the amplifier pre-amp section, so any overdrive or tone shaping generated in the pre amp is incorporated in these effects. Depending on the effects used, the resultant sound can be drastically different depending on if it was put in through the effects loop or through the input. An effects loop is a series of audio effects units, connected between two points of a signal path (the route that a signal would travel from the input to the output); usually between the pre-amp and power amp stages of an amplifier circuit, although occasionally between two pre-amp stages. The two principal uses of effects loops are in recordings and in instrument amplifiers Both sets of outputs and inputs refer to the effects loop that you can add between the preamplifier and the power amp section of your amplifier. The main reason this exists is because some players prefer to drive their amplifier's preamp with high gain to achieve distortion instead of using an emulation through a pedal. This means that you can't push modulation and time-based effects into the. FX Loop. Add a simple, passive FX loop. High gain effects like boost, reverb and delay sometimes sound best when inserted after the first gain stage and volume/tone circuit. This simple mod works really well so I add them to most of my amp builds. The Normal volume control works as the send level control

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